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Activities: Dance/ Street Fitness/ Yoga

Your employees always work at office, leading

them lack of exercising. Their pressure and

tiredness accumulates, which affect their

health and working performances.

Aerobic exercises can avoid them from

illness and pressure accumulation.

Our program:

  • Taught by Professional Trainers
  • Suitable for all-aged groups
  • Well-arranged according to ability and age of participants

Activities: Banquet/Seasonal Gathering

Annual Dinner or Banquet is the vital event

of every corporate in a year. The theme and

entertainment are always the most problematic

in throwing the party. We are here to launch

a unique and surprising party to entertain your guests,

from creating the party theme to implementing

the whole process.


  • Create the theme of the party
  • Plan and Produce
  • Performances and Entertainments
  • Order discounted wining


- Shorten the relationship among colleague
- Strengthen their cohesiveness and sense of belongings
- Relax life and working pressure of your employees

*The whole project can be adjusted according to your budget and your wills.